Circlez Guidelines

No one likes rules, but unfortunately, we live in an age where some limitations and guidelines are necessary. So, to keep our network fun, safe, and sexy, we must ask everyone who joins Circlez to follow our content and community guidelines. Failure to adhere to our simple rules may result in losing access to the Circlez platform and events.

Community Guidelines

Enjoy Yourself and Stay Sexy.

Our primary rule is that you should enjoy yourself and be free to explore your sexuality. We believe everyone should have the opportunity to discover what makes them tick and gives them joy, as long as they respect our content guidelines listed below.

Be You.

When we first talked about Circlez, we decided it would be a network devoid of fakes and flakes. Circlez is all about authenticity. Don't pretend to be someone you're not. It's so much better to just be yourself! So, shine! Be fabulous! Rock on! And, remember, we love you.

Respect Others.

Circlez is a diverse and open-minded community of individuals. So, while you're on the Circlez platform, you should respect this diversity and be civil in any social engagement you may have. We have a zero-tolerance approach to hate speech, rude or abusive behavior, bullying, misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, racism, sexism, and any other phobias and isms that might be considered hateful or mean. Life is too short to foster that kind of behavior. Instead, we're a community bonded in kindness, respect, and general support. So, we expect all our users to be kind and respectful toward each other.

You Must be 18 Years or Older

Sorry kids, this is an adult-only site, and you must be 18 years or older to play. Of course, some individuals mature faster than others, but you must verify your age before joining to keep everyone safe.

No Pictures, Videos, or other Content of Minors. Period.

We know everyone who has kids likes to share their little bundles of joy, but no matter how innocent or innocuous the pictures and videos of your kids are, they don't belong on Circlez. We like to keep things sexy around here, and it's just not an appropriate place to share kid content. So share those pix and videos on the other social networks, and keep Circlez for the after-hours activities.

Only Post Original Content

Plagiarism is a real problem on the interwebs these days. But, just like we want you to be you, we also don't want you to plagiarize someone else's content. We want 99.999% of the content on Circlez to be original, unfiltered, authentic content that you create. So, please, don't upload someone else's photos, videos, or prose. It's just not cool to do that.

What Happens on Circlez Should Stay on Circlez. Don't Out Anyone.

For some of our Circlezens, this is their first time venturing into new territory. Or, some of you may need to keep things on the down-low, in the closet, or wherever your metaphors may take you. Others might have a personal, professional, or physical security reason for keeping their sexy life private. Either way, it's essential to feel safe and secure when you're exploring and just being yourself. So, please don't out anyone on Circlez for any reason. They may not be ready, they may never be ready, or they may need that privacy for other reasons. That's all okay with us.

No Solicitation. No Spam.

Circlez isn't a place to sell your wares. Nor is it for spamming others for whatever reason. We don't do advertising unless it's for a Circlez sponsored event. So, don't advertise on our site. If you try to use our platform for marketing, you'll be banned. Sorry, we want to keep things fun on here.

Don't Do Anything Illegal on Circlez.

Like hate, we have a zero-tolerance approach to illegal activities. Illegal activities will result in you being banned from the site and/or reported to legal authorities.

Circlez Guidelines

Content Guidelines

We're a diverse and open-minded community, and we want you to discover yourself in any way you feel is appropriate. However, we also want you to be safe, and we also must abide by obscenity laws in the US, Canada, and other countries. Otherwise, we could find ourselves unable to keep the Circlez platform online.

We'd rather keep the servers on and the sexy fun rocking! So, you must observe the following content guidelines while on the Circlez platform.

If you are concerned your content may be considered obscene or against our content guidelines, chances are it probably is. However, you can reach out to us at [email protected], and we'll help you figure that out if necessary.

  1. No underage content: no pictures, videos, content, or links with underage content. Period.
  2. No incestuous content: no pictures, videos, content, or links that depict actual incest between lineal descendants or ancestors.
  3. No bestiality: no pictures, videos, content, or links that depict sexual acts with animals.
  4. No animal cruelty: no pictures, videos, content, or links that depict cruelty towards animals in any way.
  5. No blood play: no pictures, videos, content, or links that depict actual or realistic blood in an erotic context.
  6. No scat play: no pictures, videos, content, or links that depict actual or realistic scat.
  7. No hateful slurs or speech: no pictures, videos, content, or links that include hate speech or belittle anyone for any reason.
  8. No bullying or harassment: no pictures, videos, content, or links that include non-consensual bullying or harassment.
  9. No revenge porn: no pictures, videos, content, or links that include individuals that are sexually explicit and are knowingly posted without a person's consent or posted to humiliate, intimidate, or blackmail.
  10. No sex offenders: Sorry, but we cannot have convicted sex offenders on the Circlez network. Once we verify someone is a known sexual offender or has been convicted of a sexual offense, we must ban them from the Circlez platform.
  11. You must agree to all Terms of Use, Acceptable User Policies, Cookie Policies, and Privacy Policies. You can find all policies in the footer of the main Circlez website.