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Instant access to verified swingers, BDSM, kinksters, and other adult lovers. Connect with a Lifestyler for some excitement, or search for your soulmate. We’re an open minded community of pure fun!

Circlez - Social Dating Redefined

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Welcome to the Next Stage of Social Communities and Dating.

Circlez is an inclusive community of individuals and couples that welcomes ALL swingers, BDSM, kinksters, straight, LGBTQ, whomever or whatever... every group is welcome to join the Circlez party! We understand that all lifestyles, sexual orientations, and gender are diverse and unique. On Circlez, you can search inside your respective groups or venture out and explore many other lifestyles as well. Know that whoever it is you are chatting with has been VERIFIED to be real. Discover, explore, and enjoy the freedom to be who you are!
Circlez - Social Dating Redefined

Create your own Circlez.

We built our Circlez features with you in mind to help you safely and securely explore adult relationships with other verified adults.
Everyone is Verified
Each account holder is verified to be 100% real and not fake. All members have access to audio and visual chat features. We recognize the need for privacy, so you choose how much you want to share. You can either use your username or your real name, you decide. All members are 18 years old or older.
Everyone Has a Recently Recorded Video Profile
Every Circlez profile has a video, so you can share who you are and know who they are. Again, no fakes here! But, don't worry, you can use our Circlez Anonymizer to hide your identity until you're ready to share more.
Discover and Explore Relationships in the Feed
In the feed, you can discover and explore other fun, kinky adults and talk with other members of other communities. You can even find intimate relationships if that is what you are into.
Chat Privately or with an Exclusive Group
When you‘re ready to take it to the next level, join a Circle. Then feel free to chat in private, share photos, videos, or just talk about your kinks and desires.
Circlez - Social Dating Redefined

Intimate conversations.

Never share your phone number again. With Circlez, you can share private conversations with Dolby® audio and video calls. Explore your new adventures in the privacy of your own home, or plan a meetup.
Private Audio Calls
Our premium audio system provides you with private, high-quality audio conversations powered by Dolby® voice.
Private Video Calls
Enjoy lifelike, crystal clear, HD quality video from your mobile phone or desktop device.
Intimate Conversations